Your Dog the Genius

John and Shadow waited patiently at Avila Beach for us to arrive. I then went to get my Latte. After that, we walked about a mile down to San Luis Pier, where our dogs can run around unassisted all day. Shadow and I had been discussing the idea of taking him to the beach all morning. However, the wait at the coffee shop was almost twenty minutes so I decided that Shadow thought I had promised him something that I couldn’t deliver.

Shadow stood at the San Luis Pier and I took his leash. He then looked around, walked slowly, carefully, down the concrete boat ramp to reach the beach. Then he turned to me, clearly asking “Are you going back to call me?” He began to run down the beach and then he turned to me, looking at me with a grin.

Shadow, Shadow, and their dogs were my first stop. I said hello to Shadow’s dog as it was my custom, then I went on to the person to inquire about their dog. If not obvious, Shadow was smiling at Shadow and the people. This casual conversation is what I excel at. I can talk about dogs, their dog, and where they found them. I can also tell if they have rescued them. I can give as many details as they want. Now I have an agenda. I hope we can find another dog. But as I reflect on why it is so enjoyable to watch people with their dogs walk along the beach, I realize that dogs are the best teachers of happiness. They are the experts, the gurus of happiness.

I discovered a wonderful blog called Coffee With A Canine, and a book called The Genius of Dogs, which Marshal’s website advertises. It was a title that appealed to me so I purchased it and put it on my Kindle. Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods, and others claim that dogs are among the most successful mammals on Earth. Canine research has shown that dogs have a vocabulary of between 100 and 500 words. However, recent research is focusing on dogs’ incredible ability to accurately interpret the behavior of humans. Hare and Woods make an interesting claim that their intelligence has improved over time.

What is the truth?

As a result of their friendliness and kindness, their interest in people – their genius – developed. Shadow is the friendliest dog in the world, so he’s a genius.