LA BellyDance Academy

LA BellyDance Academy – Best Online Belly Dancing Classes

If you want the best LA BellyDance Academy then you can bring the best dancing class to your home. Traditional way of learning as well as teaching is changing with the passage of time; people are becoming aware that you can learn the things from the home easily so the traditional style is changing.

The belly dancing video classes are compiled by the world renowned instructor Mariella Monroe. Belly dancing is getting famous day by day and you can know about its popularity by watching any belly dancing video available on the internet.

When you see the belly dancing you may have wonder how they do it and in how much time they master the techniques. There are lots of questions that can be answered, you can visit the link to find out more about the best online belly dancing classes

LA BellyDance Academy

You can find many La bellydance academy but you need to learn from the master and best one out there. The belly dancing classes can fill the women with the confidence and you will be happier when you know that you can learn the bellydance within weeks.

LA BellyDance Academy can no longer require when you have the online lectures. There are many benefits of the belly dancing course.

Benefits of the Belly Dancing Course

LA BellyDance Academy

Few benefits of belly dancing course are

  • You don’t have to be punctual, you can have the lectures whenever you like
  • If you are not satisfied with the lectures you can have money back because of their 60 days warranty
  • The course is designed for beginners as well as those who already know belly dancing
  • You will have lifetime subscription
  • You can also have one on one video or email session with the best coach
  • You can save the Videos to the DVD or any other device
  • You will be able to learn different dance moves

Features of Belly Dancing Course

There are many different features of belly dancing course, you can know about them from the link given above but some of them are

  • You will have total of 8 hours of video content
  • 2 hours of content is for beginners and the rest will be to groom your moves
  • You will be taught to move 40 body parts separately
  • The different techniques and moves will be taught by 3 professional dancers
  • You may also learn 5 major belly dancing style
  • The steps are easy to follow and you will have step by step instructions
  • If you want to learn more there are almost 7 bonuses for you.
  • You can even learn weight loss dancing
  • Free 1 Year one on one coaching
  • Life time Subscription

Instructor Mariella Monroe

Mariella Monroe is a professional belly dancer and a certified trainer. The Mariella Monroe has provided her own experience with us in the course. You can learn unique moves from the instruction. She has given assurance that the quality is exceptional. She has provided a supportive teaching style and with such easy style of teaching you will be able to learn many things.


The Mariella Monroe is the brain of the course. You will be taught by the 3 instructors the moves they will show will be shown to you from different angles. You can easily slow down or fast the moves or you can replay it whenever you like.

The moves are also backed by visual aid as well as verbal aid. You can learn many things from the course even if you know belly dancing. By knowing different style of belly dancing you will have a sure way to gain attention of many people.